Wicker Care & MaintenancePlaced in outdoor, wicker furniture will get dusty by the wind blows, wet and dirt by the rain. Those won’t damage your wicker furniture but will need care to keep it clean and beautiful. Cleaning up wicker furniture is very easy. No special or expensive tools needed. You can use your household cleaning tools.

  1. Daily cleaning will only require a vacuum or soft cloth to remove the dust.
  2. Once in 6 months, clean up with mild soap to remove spills and dirt. Use sponge or soft cloth to wipe the surface.  To clean every crevice, use a soft bristled brush or simply a toothbrush.
  3. To keep it gloos, annually clean up the almunium frame (feet) by using wax and soft cloth.

After cleaning up, make sure that the wicker furniture is totally dry. Simply place them under the sun. When the weather isn’t good, dry by using cloth.

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