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  • We also do custom made order. Customize your design, material, color, and size.
  • We guarantee you with best quality products.
  • Why waits so long? We work on fast production.
  • You don’t tolerate a delay, so do us. We do fast delivery to any countries.
  • We only use high quality material to create beautiful and durable furniture.
  • Our products really fit your budget. Affordable price. What a delight!

Company ProfileIndonesia has been famous for rattan wicker production. For ages, Indonesian craftsmen employ their best craftsmanship to create rattan furniture with beautiful and durable features. Rattan wicker furniture has been the luxurious and favorite furniture pieces in Indonesian houses that passed on through generation. From Grandfather’s loveable and comfortable chair to grandson’s patio chair.  A heritage that last long to modern era.

The craftsmanship also has been running to generations. Along with the idea to maintain Indonesian art and heritage, in 2001, CV MAESTRO TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRY established in East Java, Indonesia, as Rattan Wicker and Wrought Iron furniture manufacturer and exporter.

International MarketEXPORT and MARKET

We regularly export to many continents of all over the globe through major countries like Japan, Netherlands, France, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Australia, USA, and so on. Currently we supply the demand of various projects and business from contract, café, restaurant, hotel, resort, apartment, office, to residential.



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