Material Properties

Capisco Vinyl
Stamskin® is the most revolutionary vinyl seating fabric, it has all the qualities required for intensive use: it is tear resistant, wear resistant, and will not distort even when repeatedly put under load. Easy to fit and care for.
It has many features such: Easy Care (just use a brush with soapy water), mould resistant, flame retardant (according with European fire standards), waterproof, optimum comfort.

Batyline® Ferarri
Batyline® is composite fabrics which are eco-designed and made of 100% recyclable for interior as well as exterior furniture. It has Précontraint® Ferrari® technology that ensures dimensional stability to fabrics. With extensive range of colors and patterns, this material suits into many styles. Batyline Ferrari features an exceptional tear strength, excellent UV radiation resistance, mould resistance, and remarkable robustness. It’s also give full safety guarantees due to Öko-Tex fabric Confidence label.

Maestro Technology Industry

Material Profiles

  • Rod >> 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm - 6 mm
  • Peel >> 4 mm - 12 mm
  • Strap >> 6 mm - 12 mm
  • Color Selection: 12 colors

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